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Genko Genkov
Genko Genkov was born in 1923 in the village of Choba near Karlovo. He grew up in Bourgas. He finished Secondary School for Classic Languages in Bourgas. In 1948 he graduated from the National Academy of Arts under Professor Dechko Ozounov. His first one-man exhibition took place in 1965 and in 1973 there was a retrospective exhibition on the occasion of his 50th anniversary. In 1972 he was conferred the Cyril and Methodius Order of Merit Third Class. His last one-man exhibition was held in 1993. Genko Genkov died on third of March 2006.
The last exibition of Genko at the Sofia Art Gallery, 2006

Genko Genkov is one of the most eminent Bulgarian artists known for his striking personality and rebellious spirit. His last one-man exhibition was held in 1993. Today, thirteen years later, Sofia Art Gallery is displaying some works of his created in the period between 2002 and 2006. The exposition includes portraits and landscapes in oil and water-colour which show the latest stage in his artistic development.

Genko Genkov has created mainly landscapes which are notable for the specific style of their author – clearly defined volumes, vivid colours and relief surfaces. In the early years of his artistic career the author used to give preference to the darker range of colours. His landscapes represent people and animals. In the course of time the integrated colour splashes and the characteristic intense warm colours gradually appeared. A tree, a house, a mountain or paths in the open serve as centre of the composition in his paintings. Genko Genkov prefers painting from life and often depict Sofia neighborhoods or the outskirts of the villages of Roudartsi and Dragoil.

Through the years the artist has experimented with a variety of methods and techniques of painting. In the 70ies he explored the potential of the different materials, applying oil as water-colour, treating the surface with sand or replacing the brush with a knife. In the 90ies he would use pigments reminding of the ceramic glaze. His works reveal elements of the art of post-impressionism and fovism.

The works exhibited in Sofia Art Gallery represent the best of Genko Genkov as an artist. Painted with boldness and imagination they prove time and again that he is among the most unique and intriguing Bulgarian artists.

17 February 2006 - 19 March 2006, Sofia Art Gallery

Exhibition in " Chiese SS Vincenzo e Anastazio" , Rome 2006

'Art is but a step towards the madness of truth. Since truth is madness'*.

The beginings of this dazzling talent? Richly gifted from childhood, his art matures and blossoms into refined accompolishment course of life: right from his first drawings and watercolours. As a pupil in classical education school in the Black See town of Bourgas he arranged his first show and as a second- year student at the Academy of Art he had already hit upon a style of his own.
Still unpredictable and ungovernable in his very essence, prompted by his never- ending doubts, Genkov takes his chance and puts both creative achievements and mastered material to risk. In order to go on...
'I don't dig undertones. I believe a painting should possess pure colour...'
It is with craftsmanship that this man interplay colours that many a critic calls uncoventional.
'I dig into my colours, I cultivate them just like a man with a spade.'
There is something highly aesthetic in the presention of his his fiery red colours. `Red symbolizes the matter that has taken the purest light from life. Red is an expresion of the energy of the world.`
'Purple symbolizes cosmic might, Nature's violent impact upon the world- the place where one's life illusions spresh.'
He bides his time in making and remaking his works; sometimes it takes years to finish some landscapes, portraits and nudes. There are no accidental features and bias in his paintings, they are a product of his own impeccable criteria and judgment, taste and aesthetic intuition.
his individualism combines national traditions, moderen avant- garde principaes of 60ty 70ty 80ty 90ty. He works till his last days to February 2006.
He dose not know the number of his own works. His numerous admires look up to his art and constantly rediscover it, charmed and amazed at its manysidedness, universlity and diversity.
The independent and strong man of character has survived the psychiatric ward and some comunistic camps and his civic position is clearly defined, always in opposition, levelling criticism and the present, telling awkward truths that many a man hates to hear.
Genko was actually a living legend of Bulgaria- perhaps her passport for the world art and culture.

Text by Veneta Vuchkova-Genkova artist's wife

* Genko Genkov


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